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Train Your Mind To Be Calm

Self defense is survival, it is about escaping the danger, not fighting. A sound understanding of your body’s mechanical strengths and weaknesses will have you immediately able to break free from any hold so that you can get away and save your life. 

Kyoshintankai means to have an open mind and possess a heart empty of fear, prejudice, and preconceived notions. Only then you will be able to focus on the needs of the moment such as protecting yourself and your loved ones. Only then will you have trained your mind to be calm.

Michael D. Zang

Kyoshintankai is a system of self-defense founded in 2007 by Grandmaster Michael D. Zang. 

Grandmaster Zang, or “Mike” as he prefers to be called, began studying the martial arts in 1975 and has been instructing since 1989. He has taught classes in Live Oak, TX, since 2002.

His training includes Jujutsu, Kai Ki Do, Kuk Sool Won in Korea, Hap Ki Do, Pressure Point Control Tactics for police officers (PPCT instructor), Muso Jikeden Eishin Ryu (Iaido), and Adaptive Combat Tactics-Knife Fighting. In addition, he is the Soke (CEO) of the Jai Yen Yen System of Martial Arts.

Mike served 4 years in the US Army and retired from the TX Army National Guard. He also served as a Dallas Police Officer until 1997 when he lost most of his vision and was retired due to his disability. Since then, he was elected to the city council in Rowlett, TX, volunteered as an Asst. Scoutmaster, and organized numerous martial arts events and workshops for groups such as the Brotherhood of Veteran Warriors and the Lighthouse for the Blind.

Mike’s passion is teaching self-defense for free as a community service.  Mike’s most honored awards are his recent induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2016) and Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame (2017).


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Duke A. Shariff-Bey

Co-Founder, Jai Yen Yen

Two Time Inductee, Martial Arts Hall of Fame

"I highly urge and recommend that the opportunity to train with Michael Zang be taken, wherever and whenever it is available. He is a dedicated professional."

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Linda Lobeck

Black Belt, Kyoshintankai

"I've been amazed how the body really works and that it doesn't take strength to 'take down' a bad guy. At almost 62, and not in the greatest of shape, I know I can still defend myself from a potential attacker."

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Deanna Koelzer

Shihan 7th Dan, Jai Yen Yen

"To train with someone so uniquely talented and someone who is a truly generous human being is a tremendous blessing. Mike’s ability to bring out the best in people is remarkable and his spirit shines to all those around him."

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